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The inception of Young Skål Kolkata

Skål International Kolkata 127 is extremely delighted to share that on December 14, the first networking session towards the upcoming mega launch of Young Skål Kolkata was successfully hosted at a fun-filled get together held at the Saturday Club of Kolkata. 50+ students from 4 different tourism and hospitality institutions came to join the networking towards the mission to launch the Young Skål Kolkata wing. The event was energetically anchored by young emcee Randeep who engaged the crowd with quizzes, games and fun activities. The Skål International Kolkata 127 senior team was introduced to them and they were also given a brief presentation about Skål International, Young Skål, and its purpose and objectives. The young kids were addressed by the Skal Kolkata President Sk Sanjeev Mehra, Young Skal Kolkata Director Sk Ritu Jolly, senior member of the industry and Skalleague as well as IATO West Bengal Chapter Chairman Sk Debjit Ghosh as well as Executive Director of Fairfest Media, the organisers of leading travel exhibitions TTF&OTM, Sk Harsh Agarwal.

Along with the students from IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management), IHM (Institute of Hotel Management) and TNU (The Neotia University), teachers also came forward to support the cause and encourage their students. Members from Skål International Kolkata 127 explained to them the importance of industry connections and the job market waiting for them. The enthusiast crowd cut a beautiful Young Skål cake and huddled among themselves to know each other following the spirit of Skål which is friendship first. The first batch of Young Skål candidates is now on its way to forming the Young Skål Kolkata club. As more applications are coming in, the screening process is underway to select the right ones. Skål International Kolkata 127 is looking forward to hosting a grand inauguration of the Young Skål Kolkata in January/February 2022 and further updates will continue from the club.

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