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DF Blind School School CSR

During the month of October and the first half of November, the team took its time to plan its series of social events side by side participating in the festive mood of the city with families and friends for which the city is worldwide famous for. The new team of Skål International Kolkata 127 has pledged strongly to contribute meaningfully in the society and hence CSR activities are now a big part of their regular calendar of events. The team kept into consideration the need and requirements of the various institutions in need of urgent support and curated physical and monetary help to assist them. The board members started fundraising for the designated events and from the generous contributions collected from the members, the expenses were covered successfully.
On the eve of Children's Day, December 13, the members took the opportunity to be with a bunch of underprivileged children and spent some beautiful moments watching them smile. Organised by the Skål International Kolkata CSR wing, members spent quality time with the children of DF Blind School, sang with them, gave them little gifts and had a nice dinner. There were about 165+ underprivileged visually challenged children who received gifts and supplies as per their needs and requirements. Skål International Kolkata 127 members were humbled to be able to serve the dinner to them by themselves. They were in awe seeing the children's perseverance and discipline. Their resilience and thankfulness were a noticeable takeaway as well.

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