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Christmas at St. Joseph’s Home

In line with the club’s CSR objectives especially during the festive time to stand by the people in need of support and care, on December 18 Skål International Kolkata 127 celebrated the festivities of Christmas with 150+ senior citizens of St. Joseph's Home, Kolkata and had a merry and fun-filled time spent together. The evening began with a soulful prayer followed by a short speech by the club President addressing the gathering. Then songs were played to dance and games were played where most of the residents participated and won colourful gifts. Renowned music group Buddy was there to cheer up the mood of the evening with light music. Evening snacks and dinner for all of them were there keeping in mind the dietary requirements of the residents. It is also a matter of pride to mention that the newly joined youth brigade that is forming the Young Skål Kolkata wing was also enthusiastically present to support and strengthen the cause. Skål International Kolkata 127 members feel lucky and blessed to have been able to spend some cherishable moments of shared love and bonding.

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