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Covid Warrior Awards 2021

After doing one good event in November four back to back events were planned in December to end the year on a very high note starting with a Covid-19 warrior awards ceremony. Skål International Kolkata 127 partnered with the Millennium Post newspaper and British Deputy High Commission of Kolkata to recognise and confer the award to the frontline workers who served relentlessly during the pandemic to keep our lives moving. The event was held at JW Marriott Hotel in Kolkata on December 5.

Firhad Hakim, the Minister of Transport and Housing, Government of West Bengal; Yemi Odanye, the Deputy Head of Mission, British Deputy High Commission Kolkata; Sagnik Chowdhury, Regional Director, India Tourism; Roshni Sen, Principal Secretary, Department of Mass Education Extension and Library Services, Government of West Bengal, the Editor-in-chief of Millennium Post, Durbar Ganguly; Sanjeev Mehra, President, Skål International Kolkata 127 were the guests of honour for the programme. Skål International Kolkata 127 took an active part in nominating some of the key winners, especially from the tourism and hospitality service sectors as well.

On the occasion of 75 years of India's independence, 75 awards were given in various categories including Kolkata Municipal Corporation workers, hospitals, hospitality and service industry, vaccination drive organisers, entrepreneurs, entertainers who became mass awareness ambassadors, and various NGOs.
Before the award day, the event was promoted throughout the city with great branding of Skål International logos through billboards, print advertisements, social media promotions and radio jingles and television spots. The main programme was also well covered by many newspapers, local electronic media and radio channels.

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